Character Health Status

Quick Start

Starting at 10 points each, distribute 5 more points total among the health status scores HP, EP, and MS giving no more than 3 additional points to a single score.

What Are The Status Scores?

The current status of a character is represented by the status scores: Hit Points, Endurance Points, and Mental Stability Points. Each of the three describes a certain aspect of the character's current health. Status Scores start at a rating of 10 points each at the time of character creation.

Hit Points (HP)

Starting value: HP 10
A character's physical health is determined by the number of hit points (HP) he/she has. Any injury a character sustains is represented by a number of damage points. As the number of damage points a character receives is first reduced by the CON attribute, any amount of damage points left is then subtracted from the current HP score of the character.

Injury and death: If the number of HP reaches zero, the character is severely injured. For any HP below zero, the character incurs a penalty of 1 to all her checks. Sustaining an injury that brings the character to zero or less HP does not automatically make the character unconscious, but for most intents and purposes results in incapacitation.

Falling below a HP value of -10 usually results in death, depending on the nature of the injury and other factors as determined by the GM.

Endurance Points (EP)

Starting value: EP 10
To signify the level of alertness and energy a character currently has, endurance points (EP) are employed to keep track of the character's fatigue. Depending on the level of activity, the GM can subtract points from this score over time. If a character rests, points are restored again. Usually, each hour of rest restores 1 EP.

For each point below 0, the character sustains a penalty of 1 on all checks that require physical work or mental alertness. A characters EP rating cannot drop below -10.

Mental Stability Points (MS)

Starting value: MS 10
This stat is kept to represent the character's overall mental stability. While a low MS score does not mean the character is mentally ill, it does indicate a tendency to “snap” or otherwise deteriorate under pressure. In mentally challenging situations, the GM can order a check roll on MS to determine whether the character can keep his/her cool in a stressful situation. Psychological trauma can reduce MS temporarily or in special circumstances even permanently. A day's rest under ideal conditions will restore one point of MS.

For each point below 0 MS points, the character is subject to a penalty of 1 on all checks that require mental coordination. A characters MS rating cannot drop below -10.

Health Status Summary

The Character Health Scores are: Hit Points (HP), Endurance Points (EP), and Mental Stability Points (MP). While any of those health scores can be reduced temporarily during the course of an adventure, more serious trauma can also result in permanent loss.