Quick Start

To create a new character, distribute 5 points among the four attributes STR, DEX, CON, and INT - the highest rating of any attribute may be 3.

What Are Attributes?

Each character has a simple set of properties that describe her on a basic level: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Constitution (CON), and Intelligence (INT). The higher the score of an attribute, the better developed it is. Attributes start at a rating of 0 points each at the time a character is created.

Attribute Descriptions

Strength (STR)

Starting value: STR 0
This attribute represents the physical strength of a charater, it applies to lifting weight, dealing damage in hand-to-hand combat and other muscle-related tasks.

Dexterity (DEX)

Starting value: DEX 0
Dexterity encompasses the characters nimbleness and general control over his/her body, like balance and gracefulness.

Constitution (CON)

Starting value: CON 0
This attribute quantifies the physical toughness of a character, relating to how sensitive he/she is to receiving damage, how easily he/she tires and how well the resistance to sickness is developed.

Intelligence (INT)

Starting value: INT 0
The Intelligence attribute describes how good a character's mental capabilities are, for example how fast they learn and how good they are at tasks that require intelligence to perform.

For example, say a character called Rebecca the Ranger has the following attributes:

STR: 2, DEX: 4, CON: 3, INT: 2

These values mean that Rebecca is first and foremost a very dextrous character. She typically excels at tasks that build on this attribute, such as shooting ranged weapons, climbing, dodging, and everything else where good coordination is of advantage.

Rolling Checks Against a Single Attribute

Attributes describe the basic characteristics of a person or entity. They are represented by a numerical rating starting from 0. To check whether a specific action that depends on an attribute succeeds or fails, roll a d10 and add the attribute. Compare the result to the difficulty number for the given task.

Checks Against Two or More Attributes

There are times when two attribute ratings need to be considered for an action. In this case just add the values of the attributes together. The GM decides what difficulty rating will apply to the check (see Difficulties).